Do you know what it feels like to be in the middle of it all, to feel something and yet not to feel it at all?

Strangeness of things takes a toll of your mind which is continually thumping your heartbeat to think of something which is not true or which can be true but in a sense that doesn’t click with what your soul really wants. Answers stop coming and unwillingly and unknowingly you’re caught in a situation from where your mind wants to escape but your heart doesn’t want to. This circumstance is as difficult as it might sound and is as tough to handle as counting galaxies (um).

Escape of this toughness exists only by controlling the mind and the soul to work in utter coordination, which is indeed tougher than counting galaxies!



scared of love.

I am not scared of love but scared to be attached with someone so closely,

I am not scared of love but of the end that it might hold,

I am not scared of love but of the tribulations that it creates in the mind,

I am not scared of love but of the tests that it takes,

I am not scared of love but of the distractions that the eyes behold,

I am not scared of love at all but scared to give a piece of me to someone who deserves,

Once I am in, I am in it for the rest of my life and that is what i am scared of, BUT, I am not scared of love!


(Here i bring to you the very first post of 2017,*woopie*)

Like all other previous years that’ve passed on in a blink of an eye, i hope this year too would pass on as easily and as quickly as others (the purpose of a wish like this^ is the struggle that this year beholds for me *I’m selfish in making wishes*)

How you decide to print the coming 365 days of your life?  Lounging about doing nothing, watching television, using your mobile phones or doing something productive instead? Now is the correct time to decide and brush up yourself for the coming days. Plan the year ahead and create something new. Push your imaginations to sculpt a galaxy of creations. Follow your heart and pursue your dreams. Express love to the ones that matter and thrash out from your lives the people who don’t portray an attractive aura. Travel,Read and Explore. And, don’t forget to be awesome!



3:48 am

Hi to all those handful of people who read whatever (seriously, WHATEVER) i write.

This peaceful time of the day pushed my imaginations to write something that once again won’t be as deep as i wish it to be and hence, once again i decide to talk to myself and to write for my own self. It is getting tough to write and phrase each line in a manner that would make at least some sense to all those who might come across this 3:48 am ‘anything’ thing.

The words are getting bleak as i type,

The lights are getting dimmer,

Memories of that foggy past still pass by me;

the one that gives me chills down spine,

I am awake but for no reason;

the reason deep down the god knows.


/Ignore at once and move on, i write anything (pfft)/


Sizing It Out

(Before you begin reading this super long blog about fashion, please do remind yourself that this is just a piece of advice and that i am not a fashion blogger but just an influencer who writes about anything or rather everything)

Wardrobes are the perfect hideout places for any girl, however one cannot deny the fact that a residual amount of clothes are the ones that have become way too big for your body- either because you’ve reduced or your washing machines have blotted them up or they belong to the gang of 1990’s. Here’s a solution blog that will surely help in making you use these ‘unseen oversized’ clothes in a chic way.

To start up , each one of you needs to understand the fact that fashion is simply experimenting with what you have to bring out something impressive and what else could be better than a bunch of clothes that are of no use and remain in secret corners of the wardrobe !!

Oversized fashion is the new trend setter, why? Simply because it goes with everything that you might want to experiment with.


Loose fittings make it possible to drag a bit of your oversized pieces from one of your shoulders (prefer the left one). Pair it up with a tight fitted jean and you are all set to go!! The same can be done with t-shirts as well as your sweaters.


Saggy winter wear might include your baggy cardigans or coats . Teaming them up with a perfect pair of belt, that either matches your clothes or is a perfect complement of it can do wonders ! Wear them up with your favourite leggings and your Christmas look is ready!


Yes, you heard it right!!

Oversized shirts and t-shirts can be used to make a perfect tomboy look; all you have to do is tie a knot at the extreme end. Make sure that you do this all neatly.

A pair of shorts would best suit your knotty oversized wear!!


Long cardigans, coats, shirts and t-shirts can be best experimented if you wear them like one-pieces/dresses. Match them up with some edgy footwear and long boots and you’ll be amazed to see a chic out of your waste clothes.


Wearing loose fitted clothes is a matter of balancing various things – your upper wear should complement the hemline of your skirts and shorts. A baggy styled upper would be a perfect pair to a skirt with shorter hemline.

Before you put all this to use, make sure that you add height to whatever you wear since over fittings make you look shorter. Also, don’t forget to add accessories and  OFCOURSE, a bit of your confidence and then you are ready to hit the floor.

All that matters is making the best use of things that go unseen in your closet!



Strive for what you want and one day you’ll get what you strived for. When two people cannot be together because of unfavourable circumstances,they tend to find ways to lift their hearts and fit them into the soul of someone else. This is the point where they tend to make mistakes by giving up hope and indulging themselves into the fake realities of love. When you want to be with each other,strive for it and make it happen,no matter what.

And the same tussle to get what you want should be done for whatever that you’ve aimed at in life. Time is precious. Use it wisely. Today it’s yours, tomorrow it can be with someone else !87b3e19c2e2c077d1172a2678d43b997

Title this yourself.

Hi readers,

The purpose of a title like this is my state of mind which presently cannot decide what to write and because of this, the blog you are reading will just go with my flow of mind and hence,would be a general one.

Dealing with stress is not easy especially when the world expect you to be someone who is bound to excel(Don’t mind the negativity of the start i.e. stress.) The people around aren’t always as good as you expect them to be and half of them,unknowingly are blocking your paths. You might be good but half of the left ones perceive you to be wrong. Your life might just be going great but you’ll always have one grudge to stress you in the happiest of the moments. Live in the present and live by your own self. The truth is that no one around you cares about you as good as you care about yourself. And just this part of the story brings me to an end where i am sure conclusions have been drawn up by you. Title this blog as those conclusions. And just in case you are living a good life where you don’t deal with stress, ignore this as just another piece of writing that you’ve come across.



“She was a wandering soul who cared way too less, her mind was fearless of the outcomes, she was a magic, she was a sparkle, she was that one star in a sky full of clouds. Not everyone liked her because not everyone deserved to know her. Her lust for limits pushed her hard into a deep ocean of insanity. She survived for her own self and lived by her own inceptions. Hers was a story to be told, for she was bold but sometimes fragile and cold. Understanding her was not so easy but the ones who tried never came out of the puzzle she lived with. She was no one but a fantasy, a dreamer and an ecstasy.”

Boss Up.

Back Bitch, Closet talk, Small minded jealousy ?  Boss up girls, it’s time for some “real good business!” Rise above those clichés that sound too drab. 21st century dawns upon you the inherent ideas of being classy. Build an empire and throw out the excuses. Create a life that sounds and seems good. It’s too late and lame to be termed mediocres. Want it, get it. Make the ones around you gape. Let your enemies ask you when are you hiring !