The perfect man.

This blog is a request from a reader who wishes to know the definition of “the perfect man.” To be honest, there’s nothing perfect in the world and there can never be a perfectionist who is born as a talented all rounder, has the most handsome face and is the most humble individual. Flaws exist but how we overcome them is what makes us perfect. But since writers must have a prospective, i’ll sought out the definition of a perfect man today with this judgemental blog.

A man who is a 10 on 10 must have the following qualities to fit into my dictionary of being perfect.

1) A GOOD DRESSING SENSE (EVERYWHERE, EVERYTIME): Clothes define an individual’s personality. A man who knows how to dress himself up is a gifted individual.

2) AN ADDICTING EFFLUVIUM: Perfect men smell perfect!

3) COMMUNICATION QUALITIES: Being vell versed is the most important thing! (Calling the waiter by clapping or making weird tones deserves an immediate breakup)

4) HEALTH AND FITNESS: How can a seamless man not have a great body? So this stands out as the most obvious amongst all.

5)RESPONSIBLE: Yes, responsibility separates a boy and a man where the later is supposed to be proficient and responsible towards all ( family first, girlfriends next)

6) ANSWERS HIS PHONE: This might sound awkward but my definition is inclusive of this rare trait in men. They answer all their calls and even if they don’t, they make sure that the other person knows that they’re busy. This trait runs parallel to the responsibility factor!

7) RESPECTS EVERYONE: *This should’ve been the first bullet* A man who gives respect, gets respect!

8) HAIR ON POINT, EVERYTIME: This super judgemental quality that i seek in men shouldn’t be confused for applying wax and drying hair everytime you go out! But it surely means that an impeccable man should have his hair flawless and effortless.

9) VALUES TIME AND COMMITMENTS: Superman doesn’t party because he is committed to give time to what his goal is. *And he is perfect, maybe*

10) SOCIALLY ACTIVE AND AN EXTROVERT: Socialising is important *the previous point doesn’t mean that perfect people are not supposed to party* Being a social extrovert, talking to people, making and meeting new friends is an idealistic quality!

/All that is written above is a personal view of the blogger and should not in any way be mis-interpreted/



How tough it is to hold on to something which is not really yours. The pain of letting toxicating things intervene into your life and looking at those things infecting your soul and then completely grasping your mind is even more infuriating. Everything happens under your sight but still you have no control over anything. The trap of life catches you with it’s wings wide open and then slowly you surrender yourself to the situations and let the things take a normal flow. You wait for the things to calm down but all in vain.

Then slowly and quietly, life tries to reconcile itself. Normality begins and you start letting go of all those things which were enraging your conscious. The healing process begins and the past becomes an empty page.
This is what it takes to recover from a viscid situation.