While updating my last blog, i just realized that we(me, you and the blog) have completed almost one whole year together and it is more than enchanting  for me to see that i have written about 20 blogs, even when i never got too many responses from all those who read whatever i write. To mark this one year of my happy writing, it is my personal wish to reveal why do i write and why am i not bothered much about advertising my blogs.

Everyone has something innately embedded within themselves that makes them happy and for me, writing has always been one such thing. It is undoubtedly an escape from a world that is way too busy in the viciousness of the social media. And the credits of my love for expressing love with the words also go to my encounter with fantasical novels since forever. I scribble here for sometimes all that i feel and want to speak cannot be spoken or expressed easily!

And as i’ve always said, i write purely for myself. I never wanted people to read what i write and i thought that they won’t ever will. I never advertised this blog because my words were my hideouts; purely meant for my personal satisfaction. However, i like when some of you tell me that you like whatever i’ve written so far!

Thankyou to those who read all the shiz.

Keep Reading.




Let's explore this world together!

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