“The moment she looks at me, my heart skips it’s usual beat. It feels like looking into a galaxy which is unexplored and yet so interesting. Her aroma grasps my soul and her aura consumes my consciousness, her eyes take my breath away and her smile; so contagious, makes me fall in love with her all over again. Withing her, i realise is an innocence which still fails to understand my love. I love it when she calls me by my name and asks me silly questions. She is the heart in my body and the wings to my soul. She is imperfectly perfect. And all i know is that she’s mine, even when she’s not. I know she’ll see me one day and realise that I love her more than anything or anyone.”

/Doing romance with the words since 1999/


Self Realisation

There’s this point called self realisation in everyone’s monotonous lives. Self realization strikes when your conscious pricks you suddenly and you start feeling and judging the things around you more deeply. Self realisation has been linked to age whereby we are called adults when we turn 18 because of the fact that our mind opens more to the world around and we start relishing only the things that matter. The world by it’s own virtues starts making us mature and we, within ourselves are aware of everything that is of importance. However, not everyone is able to recollect with this realisation and some miss it on their way to adulthood.
And all that is written above concludes to the point that your gut is the ultimate guide, it is an indication of your blooming self realisation.

Never miss your intuitions, never miss your gut feelings!

‘Rien n’est ├ęternel’


Yes, nothing lasts forever. As bitter as it may sound, there is no denial to the fact that one day or the other, everything has to pass into the state of oblivion. The doom of everything explains this fact well. When the earth that we live on has to be diminished, how can we expect that the bleak promises that say ‘forever’ won’t end. Everything is meant to get over. Things start so that they might have an end. Human existence, the love, the stars, this planet or in short everything surrounding us is bound to have an end. And ends are never meant to be happy. It lies in our hands to end something on a happy note. In these ends are the new beginnings of possibilities and the unleashed truths.


/You might be thinking of this blog as a pessimistic shit of writing that you came across at the most unlikliest time of your life but then truths are always bitter, cold and hard to accept. (k, i hate you too)/

/Pardon me for the 50 times usage of the word end/

In her eyes.

“..when the world was full of possibilities of all kind, my eyes met hers and the only thing I could figure out was the world she had grasped in herself, the one she had so far imagined; full of life, love and everything else and then I too found my earth,my heaven and my future. In her eyes, i was too lost, too mesmerized and too enchanted that i slowly began to find my own self.”

/published two years after composition/