Do you know what it feels like to be in the middle of it all, to feel something and yet not to feel it at all?

Strangeness of things takes a toll of your mind which is continually thumping your heartbeat to think of something which is not true or which can be true but in a sense that doesn’t click with what your soul really wants. Answers stop coming and unwillingly and unknowingly you’re caught in a situation from where your mind wants to escape but your heart doesn’t want to. This circumstance is as difficult as it might sound and is as tough to handle as counting galaxies (um).

Escape of this toughness exists only by controlling the mind and the soul to work in utter coordination, which is indeed tougher than counting galaxies!



scared of love.

I am not scared of love but scared to be attached with someone so closely,

I am not scared of love but of the end that it might hold,

I am not scared of love but of the tribulations that it creates in the mind,

I am not scared of love but of the tests that it takes,

I am not scared of love but of the distractions that the eyes behold,

I am not scared of love at all but scared to give a piece of me to someone who deserves,

Once I am in, I am in it for the rest of my life and that is what i am scared of, BUT, I am not scared of love!