Hi guys! Are you also one of the victims of the stink attacks, the ones that make everything unseen and make us all gape in ‘Yuks’ and ‘filthy’ thoughts? Are you also being subjected to the violence of the sickening effluvium?  It’s time to act and fight against, It’s time to explore what it is to smell good because you never know if what you want to be seen goes unnoticed and what you merely consider a fashion- the sense of using deodorants and perfumes is negatively perceived by everyone !

I recently went to a party where the girl who looked the most elegant beauty was seen as the loner, she happened to be one of my acquaintances and a 2 minute meeting with her made me realize that she is not of the group that considers fragrance to be a part of the fashion and thus stood alone, longing for a company for herself. The thought of her created an instinct that how the most important part of the fashion i.e. fragrance and a sense of smell get ignored just because it is mostly unseen but just felt.

Let your spirit judge the legit, yes- your spirit, let your will act and DECIDE WHICH PERFUME SUITS WHICH OCCASION. A mild perfume won’t suit a Halloween party while you can’t go whiffing wild to a wedding. Just because you are going to the funeral doesn’t mean that you can smell disgusting anyways.

desktop It is always interesting to have a person whose pheromones attract you, isn’t it? So get it right, KEEP A SPRAY THAT YOU CAN ALWAYS APPLY, any party, any occasion,anywhere!

CARRY YOUR SMALL POCKET AROMA SCENTS with you, not because your metro or bus partner might need them but because you might be that stinky fellow, in need of some spray!

Always GO FOR GASLESS PRODUCTS because they tend to be more skin friendly and refrain from applying sprays directly on skin, they might result in blackening.

The better you attract the nostrils, the more alluring you are.

Smell good because the ‘unseen’ gets noticed while the ‘seen’ is forgotten well in time!