The Right Ones.

There is nothing impossible in this World; one which is full of lies and truths that are unexplainable and as hard as a rock to be understood. Brimming with people, this unpredictable mass of land has humans who are too far, yet too close to be judged and loved. They would cross your path and look into your eyes but won’t hold on to you forever. The ones meant to be ‘forever’ often change their outlooks and this system of betrayals is ineluctably known to all. The ones meant to be constant would chemically bring out in you the reactions that would be as strong as the those monsoon winds, the core voice would fill the hearts and the subconscious would allow to connect. What matters is finding the right ones or possibly discovering the righteous amongst a lot of those who might not be the ones meant to be in your life. Screenshot_2016-04-05-20-12-25



Let's explore this world together!

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